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Tutoring Agencies

Below is a list of all the tutoring agencies in the UK, arranged in alphabetical order.

  1. 3a Tutors
  2. Abslt
  3. Anytime Tutor
  4. Alpha Tutors
  5. Any Subject
  6. A Plus Tutors
  7. BHT
  8. Bright Tutors
  9. Buckingham Tutors
  10. CTC
  11. Exams Tutor
  12. Excel Home Tutors
  13. First Tutors
  14. Fleet Tutors
  15. Gabbitas
  16. Home School Tutoring
  17. Home Tutors Directory
  18. IT Tutors
  19. KC Tutors
  20. Kent Home Tutors
  21. Kipmed
  22. Maths UK
  23. Norfolk Tutors
  24. North Tutors
  25. Nottingham Private Tutors
  26. Personal Tutors
  27. Private Tuition
  28. Saturday Tuition School
  29. Select Tutors
  30. Southern Tutors
  31. Surrey Tutors
  32. Success Tutors
  33. Top Tutors
  34. Tutors 4 Kids
  35. Tutors International
  36. Tutors Online
  37. UK Tutors
  38. UNI Tutors
  39. Westminster Tutors
  40. York and Area Tutors
More agency fact files are being uploaded.

If you are an agency or a tutor who have worked with one of these agencies and feel that some of the details are inaccurate, then please get in touch with us.

If we have missed you out, then please write an email to us with the following details, making sure to be as accurate as possible, without using any short hand or marketing language.

After we receive your email we will process your details. We may make some minor changes to your details. If we make any significant changes to your Fact File, then we will email back to request your approval.

Please send back these details using the form on the contact page:

Agency Contact Info.
Official agency name:
Full Address:
General email address (just one):
Website (excluding http://www):
Date established:

Main Service Details
Quick overview (300 characters, explaining key facts & services):
UK Areas covered:
Tutoring age range:
Tuition fee range:
Subjects & levels offered:
Client to tutor matching method (e.g. interviewing tutors and then calling clients, etc):
Tutor selection criteria (bullet points):

Service Fees
Administrative fees charged to tutors:
Administrative fees charged to clients/ tutees:

Services Offered (1000 words altogether)
Main services offered (summary list):
Services offered to clients:
Services offered to tutors:

Individual liaising with Home Tutors (e.g. Manager):
Email of liaison: