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Home Tutors Tuition Fee

Home Tutors recommends the following fees, as set out in the table below. These are hourly rates, for two hours, double the amount indicated in the table. These fees are based on current trend in the home education sector. However, tutors who are not qualified may decide to waive the travel expense. On the other hand, tutors who are significantly more experienced could choose to charge few pounds above the recommended fee.

Please Note: Students & parents pay tuition fees directly to the tutors. Home Tutors does not take a commission from its tutors, allowing our tutors to charge the best tuition rate around.

Tutors may charge an additional fee, between 2 to 5, to cover travel expense. However, if clients book blocks of 2-hours of tuition then they only pay one travel fee.

Tutors may add 5 for each additional pupil. However, we recommend a maximum of 3 pupils per session. When 2 or 3 pupils join a session of tuition, the cost of tuition per pupil will spread out.

Levels Fees vary according to subject offered or tutors' qualifications and experience
KS2 (Primary & KS1) £16-£22
KS3 (Lower Secondary, Yr 7, 8 & 9, Entry Level) £18-£25
KS4 (Upper Secondary, Yr 10 & 11, SEN, GCSE & retakes) £20-£28
KS5 (College, GNVQ, A Levels, ESOL) £22-£30
UNI (Degree & Professional courses) £25+