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Live Tutoring, Online Tutoring

Live Tutoring or Online Tutoring is simply an online platform where tutors provide tuition to students via the internet. Students must have an account with Home Tutors (join free) to be able to get lessons from their tutors. Fees are paid for every fifteen minute sessions. Here`s our Recommended Fees table.

Tutors can use the Live Tutoring Whiteboard in the same way as the Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) found in schools and colleges. Students and tutors can chat via text, draw shapes and figures, change the colour of the pen, rub and delete, save and load boards, and do much much more. If you go on to purchasing a Graphics Pad (an alternative to using a mouse to write with) you will find Live Tutoring a breeze!

I am a student; how do I get tutored online?

You must first get in touch with one of our tutors (search the tutor directory on the right). Once you`ve found a tutor who is willing to tutor you online, you should:

1. Make a student account (click here) with Home Tutors if you haven`t already done so, and then let your tutor know your student email ID.

Note: Making a student account also allows you to get Home Tutors` monthly Newsletter. Don`t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time.

2. Your tutor will then send out an invitation directly to your Student Control Panel (login here). The invitation will arrive in the form of a clickable link called `Open Board`.

3. Finally, just click on `Open Board` to start your session with your tutor. Just make sure you agree with your tutor a time when you both can come online at the same time.

Note: Please make all payments directly to your tutors.

Why not register a student account today and ask one of our tutors to tutor you on the 2-way Interractive Whiteboard now.

I am a tutor; how do I start using Home Tutors` live tutoring facilities?

If you`ve purchased the Live Tutoring facility during your registration then you can use this facility via your Tutor Admin Panel. Once there, you can create any number of whiteboards in preparation of a lesson.

You will need to send an invitation from the interactive whiteboard to your students in order to initiate a live tutoring session (click on the `Invite` button on the Whiteboard and type the email address of the students you wish to invite).

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