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Online revision sites, free softwares, worksheet banks, goody bags, free memberships, and lots more.

Top 5 Free Revision Sites:

Please bear in mind, free revision websites usually contains a selection of the syllabus or few topics at best. Some of the resources have been well sourced, but apart from the bbc website I haven`t come across a free website that provides a comprehensive service. But, I haven`t given up! I will constantly update this section with better websites.

Here is our list of 5 good websites we`ve come across:
This website covers quite a few subjects both for GCSE and A level. The subject quick learn pages are both colourful and diagrammatic. Looks really pretty. Covers GCSE Biology, Chemistry, English, Food Technology, French, Geography, German, Maths, PE, Physics. Check this one out!
Caters for pupils up to GCSE. You must register (free) first though. The list of topics per subjects is quite long. So, there`s a good chance that you will find what you`re looking for.
Good few pages of revision notes covering all GCSE subjects. The website doesn`t look so busy, so you will quickly find the notes without much trouble.
This website features some very good tests for GCSE physics and chemistry, and A level physics. There is a free sign up. This website promises to stay free, and continually update the tests section.
As always, the famous BBC. This website is actually used by schools all over the country. As the website is maintained by the government it is ensured that the material is strictly from the national curriculum.

Worksheet banks:
Really nice and colourful website designed for primary pupils. Has quite a lot of nicely formatted printable worksheets.
All worksheets here are powerpoint slides. So, just sit back and absorb all the animated information. The only downside is that it only covers science related topics.
I think this is the best periodic table on the web! You can click on each of the elements and get more detail about them, including an audio link!!

Free Softwares & goodies:
A Free Revision Planning Calendar!
Free stationery templates, letterheads and envelopes!
Has very good online animated learning pages for KS1 & 2 pupils in literacy (English), maths & science. Also, has lots of useful links to various educational sites covering all the GCSE subjects.
I am sure all students will have a bit of fun using these tools. You can calculate your budget and predict your wages. After you enter the site, click on the `student` tab (at the top), then select your tool!

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Other Useful sites:

Paid Resources

Books, past papers, learning aids, essay banks, online tutoring, and other essentials.
Buy access to over 131 000 GCSE & A level essays. If you register you get access to 3 course works for free. (Please make sure you read their plagiarism (copying) rules).
If you want to know where schools get their resources from, well it s here. Their worksheets and resources are come highly recommended. Thousands of school all over the UK use their resource banks. They charge per CD bought, about £14. Click here to find the prices:
There isn`t many websites like this for GCSE and A level students. The course are professionally designed and managed. There are over 200 GCSE and A Level courses to choose from. Prices start from £2199. Use the live online customer chat line if you have any queries
This is a very useful resource. Build you own web site. This is designed for pupils. If you want to upload all your notes, including the top web resources in one area, then there are plenty of templates to choose from. There is a small cost though. But, look at it this way, you don`t have to carry your bag full of books everywhere with you! (Comes with 2 weeks trial offer).
Website full of maths worksheets and answer sheets covering a wide nummber of topics for KS1, 2, 3 & 4. It is subscription based (about £11 per month). However, you can view the sample worksheets before you purchase.
For Books and Past papers I recommend Their vast array of books and other resources, delivered free (if you spend over £17), makes them one of the most visited websites in the world. has been recommending amazon for along time now.