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About Us - Who we are and What we do

Home Tutors, formerly, East London Home Tutors; established in 2003, is now the leading on-line tutorial portal in the UK with the largest directory of qualified and experienced tutors.

**To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Home Tutors we're offering the Home Tutor Basic package completely FREE. See Packages & Fees | Register As A Tutor **

Our aim is to simply connect Parents, Students and Organisations with Tutors by giving them the tools to find and contact Teachers all over the UK free of charge.

What separates us from other agencies - We understand every one has different tuition requirements and give you choice over what type of teacher you get. We have fully qualified and lower cost graduate professionals with teaching ability, so you decide who you want to hire and how much to pay them.

Only on you can contact tutors via SMS, Email and Phone, and you get the widest range of tutoring resources, from Live Tutoring Facilities to Worksheet Bank to Home Tutors Bookshop.

What we do for Parents/Students

Students and parents are able to use all of the tutoring features and facilities of Home Tutors free of charge. The only payment you make is direct to the teacher for their tuition, we do not take a cut thus giving you the best deal available. Below are links to all the services available to you;

Basic Search - You can search our extensive teacher directory and contact them directly to arrange lessons.

Advanced Search - Use the advance search feature and narrow your search results by selecting options such as male/ female, qualified/ unqualified, experience, CRB (police check) etc.

Live On-line Tutoring - Using this feature you or your child can be taught from anywhere in the world. Just find a tutor, make contact and arrange to have lesson online with them using our live tutoring facility. You only pay for every 15 minutes of Live Tutoring directly to tutor.

Help and Advice Articles - Here students and parents can get advice regarding home tuition and home education written by professionals in the field.

Resource Planet - Here we have a collection of relevant places to go and things to see on-line regarding learning and education.

Stationery & Book Shop - get exam papers, text books, calculators and everything else that you`ll need to have the best home education possible.

Worksheet Bank - Download free resources to help you with your learning, these resources and worksheet have been uploaded by Teachers and HomeTutors staff for your use to make learning fun and effective!

Tutor Request and Matching - If you aren`t able to locate a suitable tutor in our directory, just fill in a short Tutor Request form and submit it to the database. These requests are viewed by teachers daily and if they can meet your requirements the Teachers will contact you. You can use the Tutor Matching service if you want us to find you a Tutor, just tell us what you are looking for and we`ll do the rest.

What we do for Tutors

Our main objective with teachers is to give them the ability to showcase their skills and tutoring services all over the UK as well as letting them keep 100% of their tuition fee. We have the largest tutor directory in the UK with tutors teaching the widest variety of subjects.

We take on qualified teachers and graduates looking to go in to teaching, this is because there is a demand for them. Take a look at the services available to our tutors;

Tutoring with HomeTutors and Account Features - Subject to meeting our membership criteria, you can register as a tutor with us and start your tuition career in minutes, take a look at what we have to offer and make your own decision.

Tutor Registration Form - To become a member all you have to do is fill out a short registration form which will give you the chance to personalise your entry in to our directory (using personal statements) that can help win clients.

Customised Membership - Here at HomeTutors we only let you pay for what you need, so our custom membership scheme lets you decide exactly what you want in your account and what you need to teach.

On-line Tuition - Use our online tutoring feature to teach your students from anywhere in the world.

Worksheet Uploads - You can use our worksheet bank to upload your own worksheets and let your students download them free. Its saves you printing and also gives you access to materials other teachers use for their lessons.

Help and Advice for Tutors - Here you will find articles of guidance for home tutors and teachers, helping you become better at what you do.

Tutor Admin Panel - Depending on the features you`ve signed up for, you will have access to a number of facilities on your Tutor Administration Panel. They include; updating membership details, renewing account, adding additional features, checking your SMS credit, access to Live Tutoring platform, `Bump Up` credits, access to Tuition Request Database, changing your availability status, changing your password, and logging out.

Tutoring Agencies - We have prepared a fact file of all major tutoring agencies based in the UK, so use it to compare, contact or research options.

Explore HomeTutors - Search over 500 pages of and see what else we can offer you.

Contacting us
Contact us - Please feel free to contact us if you have a any queries. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible